Meet the Team: JB

The Front Desk Broker, JB Brewer, is basically walking sunshine. His happy-go-lucky demeanor and charm add a lightness to the Adcock Rentals office that you cannot deny. He does have a serious side though when it comes to helping people with their rental needs, and apparently when it comes to Q + As because he kept his answers very short and sweet. So there are some small added details to help you get to know him a little better, but honestly all you need to know is he’s a golfing ray of sunshine.

Q: How long have you been a part of the Adcock Rentals team?

A: “This will be my 9th year.”

Q: What was your first job?

A: “RV Cleaner.” [In high school if he wasn’t playing baseball (or in school), he was at a local RV Dealership cleaning away]

Q: What’s your favorite hobby?

A: “Golf.” [If you see him in the office, he’d rather be golfing. If you don’t see him in the office, he is golfing.]

Q: What is your dream vacation?

A: “Ireland.” [Probably to play golf.]