Toxic Plants for Pets

Many of the beautiful plants we love to keep in our gardens, or even in our homes, are completely harmless to us but have the opposite effect on our pets. Seasonal favorites, like mistletoe and lilies, are among the most common, but there are plenty of lesser-known varieties that pose just as great a threat to our companions. Winter Though we may not think of these chilly months as a prime time for plants, holiday favorites are among some of the most deadly to our pets. Mistletoe: intestinal distress Eggplant: aggravation to certain conditions in dogs Poinsettia: leaves and stems are toxic to cats and dogs Holly Berry: berries are extremely toxic to cats and dogs Christmas Tree: needles cause intestinal distress, cannot be digested Spring With more plants coming into bloom and our pets spending more time outdoors, spring can be a particularly dangerous month for access to these hazardous floras. Hyacinth: vomiting/tremors, and sometimes depression Hydrangea: intestinal distress

Source: Toxic Plants for Pets