Keep Critters Out This Fall

As the temperature drops, the number of critters itching to get inside increases. From rodents to insects, it’s often as hard to tell where they’re coming from as it is to get them out. This season, use these tips to prevent having to share your living space with any and all unwelcome guests. Take a walk. Before the weather gets too chilly, take a walk around the exterior of your home. Be on the lookout for any visible openings and holes. Keep in mind that smaller critters don’t require large openings. For instance, a mouse can make their way through an opening that is no bigger than a dime. If you do come across any holes, patch them up with a little putty or a piece of wood. Lock it up. If you don’t plan on using an outdoor shed or garage during the colder months, be sure that it’s locked and sealed to the best of your abilities. A critter is more likely to make a quiet area their home than a place with heavy foot traffic. It’s also advisable to keep mulch and grass seeding up

Source: Keep Critters Out This Fall