Combat Boredom with This DIY Activity Jar

If you’re tired of racking your brain every time your child says, “I’m bored,” try this trick. The Bored Jar provides a stash of activity ideas ready at a moment’s notice! Stuck inside on a rainy day? Pick a blue piece of paper, and help your kid have fun indoors. Maybe you want your child to make the most of a beautiful day. Have them select a yellow piece of paper that suggests an outdoor activity to keep them active. We’ve created lists of activities to help take the planning out of the process. But feel free to get inspired and add your own to the mix! 1. Gather materials. To begin, you will need a mason jar, scissors, markers, a tag with string, and three pages of our activity printouts. Print on different colors of paper—yellow for outdoor activities, blue for rainy day activities, and red for activities that need parent supervision. This will make it easier to identify which category you want to choose from when it comes time to picking out your next activity. 2. Create a

Source: Combat Boredom with This DIY Activity Jar